Day 57 – 58 Erwin TN to Bakersville NC on 2017 Appalachian Trail Thru-hike

Tuesday 6 June, Wednesday 7 June

Total Distance: 19.9 km

Mountains: none

It has taken me two days to get to the Greasy Creek Friendly hostel, this is as good as it gets for my foot at the moment.

The trail still manages to amaze me with the scenery and the ever-changing landscape – even when the spruce forest hasn’t come in to full foliage yet. As time marches on and with hikers dispersed at Hot Springs, I now only have about 4 thru hikers pass me. I am also hearing of more more hikers who have dropped off the trail.

I downloaded a few audiobooks to help pass the time and take the focus off the soreness, which has worked brilliantly. I’m currently listening to Sherlock Holmes narrated by Stephen Fry… and I give it a definite 4 1/2 stars out of five. The only worry is I can become so engrossed in the story I don’t hear people come up behind me or even sometimes people in front of me LOL – I can get quite a fright 😊 and in turn give them the same.

Sometimes the watersource can be quite some distance from the trail and or be challenging to get to. I needed water so badly today I decided to ‘suit up’. To get to the piped water one had to go through a field of elbow high flowering grasses which when touched released a fine cloud of powder pollen. Aahhh good times.

I was lucky enough to arrive at the right time, the owner Corrine was about to head to town so Chinese buffet for lunch/dinner was had and greatly appreciated.

The hostel is really comfortable and I’ve had the opportunity to meet new friends and have a few laughs. 😊

One comment

  1. Beautiful photo to start this post! Hope your foot heals quickly and smart move with the audiobooks to pass time 👍 Can’t believe you did an extra 4.7km the other day by hiking sobo before realising…ouch. Must say, I’m finding your recent mishaps rather amusing and interesting. Glad you’re dealing with it all and having a few laughs while you’re at it though 🙂


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