Day 48 – 56 Taking Care of my Foot at Uncle Johnny’s Erwin TN on 2017 Appalachian Trail Thru-hike

Sunday 28 May, Monday 29 May, Tuesday 30 May, Wednesday 31 May, Thursday 1 June, Friday 2 June, Saturday 3 June, Sunday 4 June, Monday 5 June

Total Distance: 21.3 km*

Mountains: none

 After eight days of resting my foot, doing nothing really but socialising, eating and watching Netflix I set out today to do an easy downhill 16.7 kms from the top of Beauty Spot back down to Uncle Johnny’s.

This would have been great had I initially gone in the right direction. I checked my Guthook app, however, clearly I did not check it properly. Had I been more thorough I would have noticed I was heading NOBO not SOBO. This mistake added another 4.6 kms return to my journey. While it may not sound like a lot, when you have a sore foot and you haven’t done anything for eight days it surely feels like a lot.

The wildflowers have all begun to bloom so I definitely need to make sure I take my antihistamines! They are pretty and can distract you for a while – which is a good thing.

At Uncle Johnny’s they run three shuttles a day for hikers, a breakfast shuttle, lunch shuttle , and a dinner shuttle. At each drop off you are near a wholesaler of some kind.

Hikers have a reputation of being hiker trash, there are two people with groceries who are not currently in this picture and we are next to a dumpster classic hiker trash move.s

So back to my foot…it is still sore however the shoes make the pain bearable enough to continue walking. It will be sometime before I can start doing 15 mile days again although I did one yesterday, it wasn’t comfortable.

When walking my other leg and knee are compensating for the sore foot, and I can’t walk with my foot straight it is out on a bit of an angle which is putting undue stress on my inner thigh as well.

Given all of this, I am walking to Greasy Creek Hostel today, so I will be able to take a shower, grab some ice and rest appropriately. Tomorrow I plan to see about slackpacking again which will give my foot and legs a bit of a break.

Hmmm this is a bit of a drama… will keep you updated 😊

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