Day 20 Big Branch Campsite NC on 2017 Appalachian Trail Thru-hike

Saturday 29 April

Total Distance: 11.2km

Mountains: Cooper Ridge Bald 5080ft / 1548m

Today I am camping at Big Branch Campsite which is just after Weser Bald and it has to have the most uneven tent sites so far. Set up the tent and inflated the mattress and rolled right off it. *Groan* so we know how tonight’s sleep is going to go.

You may not be able to tell, but there is a small stream in bottom right hand corner which is great – more often than not the water is a mile away in the opposite direction.

Woke up this morning in a far better head space and decided to take short day at the Nantahala Outdoor Centre in a coupe of days, to see where I am with my mileage and what I need to be doing.

Now that I have been out here for almost a month I have a really good sense of what I need to do and more importantly how it might be done.

Cool to see the ground covering coming in and amazing to see the changing of the seasons, it gives one something to look at while hiking 😊

Things I don’t care about anymore and or no longer do:

  • Washing my undies and socks everyday then trying to dry them on my pack – just keep them on for  couple of days and then swap them over. A few reasons, when it rains for two or three days in a row you can’t dry them anyway and when it is sunny, water top ups are rarely easy to get and do you want to waste your precious camp time on this, besides you have to be careful about using any soap products because of attracting bears.
  • Airing my walking clothes out outside every night – this is similar to above, can’t be bothered and no point really, they pong no matter what.
  • Walking through puddles and mud – you waste time trying to avoid mud and puddles cause they are everywhere for days after raining.
  • Changing in a shelter when you can’t be bothered putting up your tent especially when you want to leave early – guys just turn around.
  • Not caring bout different dryer heats or washing cycles for thermals etc – all in together high heat

Thanks for reading 😊


  1. Thanks Serena! You’ve answered some questions I had about clothes washing and drying prospects. Pong those badboys some more, or put on wet ones? Maximum pong it is. I’ve detected some equivocation in your 5th bullet ‘Changing in a shelter when you can’t be bothered putting up your tent especially when you want to leave early – guys just turn around.’ The ‘guys just turn around’ part, is this a request or, an observance? Incidentally, you’ve now had plenty of days on the track to (almost) clear your mind enough to digest the word ‘equivocation’. :p Loving the blogs and congrats on your 100th mile from a few days earlier!


    1. Lol…yes fortunately I still know words albeit words not relating to food, water or shelter are unusual to the ear/eye. As a female you only have to let the guys know you’re wanting to change and they all turn out of etiquette…😊


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