Day 18 Siler Bald Shelter NC on 2017 Appalachian Trail Thru-hike

Thursday  27 April

Total Distance: 12.8km

Mountains: nothing worth noting as there were two I climbed to get to above 4000ft…tomorrow will be the hard day

It was hard to get out of bed this morning and leave the motel behind, it was so cosy. However need to hit the trail again.

I am so pleased with my purchases yesterday, especially since it looks like rain today and I want to sleep in the shelter tonight.

The path was covered with mist for most of the day so needless to say I didn’t get off it – in case I take another tumble down the hill!

Today I am only doing about 8 miles cause my lungs are struggling quite a bit. Being so cold for those few days last week has had  real impact…oh well, it just means I will take a bit longer for a few more days.

Changed up my menu today and it was great…I’m sure I’m liking this hiking thing because of the food and all the accessories – I take very long lunch breaks 😊 beside some awesome nature spots

Anywho, rain jacket held up really well, and was a great investment – kept me nice and warm.

Again can’t rave enough about the warm clothing I bought. Got into camp and could put my puffy jacket on and brew up a cup of hot cocoa and feel warm and toasty – and Imposter and Radiance were there to boot… Nothing better at the end of a day hiking 😊


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