Day 14 Carter Gap Shelter NC on 2017 Appalachian Trail Thru-hike

Sunday 23 April

Total Distance: 20.1km

Mountain: Standing Indian Mountain 5435 ft / 1676 m.

This was the longest day I’ve done since being on the trail and was a really good test of my legs and overall staying power.

I found by the end of the day I was as exhausted as I was when I first started after an 8 mile day so took joy in the progression of my fitness level. My lungs are taking longer than my legs to adjust to all the walking and climbing which can be quite frustrating I must say.

Early on in the day I came across this side trail, which had me in fits of laughter for quite some time. Would be interesting to know how the trial got its name hmm.

It rained all day today and quite heavily at times. I stopped to have a bite to eat for lunch especially as I was doing such a long day. I made up my sandwich with salami and smoke cheese – yummy. Was putting my poncho back on and having a little bit of trouble getting it over my backpack, when a lady and her dog happened upon me and offered to give me a hand which was great, however, well she was helping me with the poncho her dog ate my lunch. Lol 😂

It was funny and disappointing all at the same time…it was such an effort to make it in the rain so in the end settled for half a protein bar.

And yep the scenery didn’t change much today. When I got to the shelter it was packed there was so many hikers, that some were setting up mattresses on the dirt floor. I decided that I would put my tent up, I was already soaked and just didn’t want to go through the drama of trying to squeeze into the shelter.

The tent is great for a bit of solace and the ability to have a bit of a wash down and get into my bed clothes.

Ahh the tent is on a slant, the thunderstorm is in full swing and the rain drops are so hard, there is a bit of water and dirt spray back coming up on the netting…another day on the trail.

As I was laying there trying to sleep a group of young hikers came in calling out Cooee. After about an hour  I heard one of the young guys groaning, “ugh, my tent is soaked inside and out, all my gear is wet – what am I doing out here?!”. Had to smile cause he voiced what no doubt all of us were thinking. 😊


  1. Just had a good tour through your posts, Serena. What an amazing commitment you’ve made. Well done. I look forward to following you as you and the trail progress!

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