Day 13 Muskrat Shelter NC on 2017 Appalachian Trail Thru-hike

Saturday 22 April

Total Distance: 12km

Mountain: none

Felt a bit lazy today so only did 7.3 miles. By the time I got up and got it together, it was about 8.30am which is late for me to start walking. I like to get a few miles under my belt before the heat of the day.

Besides, how can I rush some days when this is what I’m waking up to?

Today I don’t care about the path, hills or huffing and puffing, cause today I cross over into North Carolina. That will be one State down and only 13 to go.

I have taken an extra day to get here as there were a lot of hikers planning to cross yesterday, and it would have meant crowded shelters/campsites etc, so I decided to wait.

I am so pleased I did cause it gave me time to set up my tent before the thunderstorms set in. Being only the second tenter meant that I was able to put an ideal tent site.

As I crossed over the border the terrain changed and the rain set in. Couldn’t help but think welcome to North Carolina – I wasn’t alone, at the shelter a group of young people turned up in the rain and complained of the same.

Lots of mud, rocks and tree roots! I am just so pleased to have left Georgia behind. Although it isn’t that many miles it still makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something and that the end is achievable. The only sad part about today was the loss of my sunglasses, still not sure what happened to them.

With all the signs along the way, I can’t help but wonder if a ‘men’s shed’ or similar have had a hand in making them.

Anywho…today for me was all about the State crossing. No scenery or other event or person entered my mind today. 😊 Georgia done ✅

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