On to it in January 2017

I didn’t do a December update as I did the Great South West Walk and you can see how that went via those posts.

January was all about getting back into work and sorting out my gear and watching what I eat. I haven’t been doing any exercising this month and need to get back into it again. I have the passion but the medication I have been on for an ailment has been making me quite tired, so between them and work motivation levels for exercising have fallen to an all time low.

But surprisingly – or not, I’m not overly worried about it all. I know that mentally I can forge on through rain, hail or snow, with injuries and more. Having a high pain threshold certainly helps with that.

Still going on hiking adventures on the weekends, however haven’t been recording them all, as I have already discussed all of them in my blogs – there are only a limited number of walks in the Wimmera/Northern Grampians region.

What I will be looking at doing next month is combining the walks and start walking for longer periods during the day. Over Christmas I averaged about 15 kms a day walking for probably about 6-8 hours a day depending on the terrain.

My goal is to do some of the three day walks in the Grampians over two days or even one. Summer has arrived and with it the heat and dryness! Temperatures will be reaching anywhere up to 43 °C + and 99% of all water in tanks and in streams and rivers will be dried up. Therefore, you have to carry in all the water you require for the entire length of time you are camping or hiking – which makes for a very heavy pack, depending on how many days you are out there.

All that aside… none of what I’d planned in the exercise world has panned out at all.  And what does this mean for the Appalachian Trail? It means I’m going to have to walk longer to achieve the miles and I’m going to hurt more than I’d like…as each day passes it will get easier 😊




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