GSWW – Day 12 Trewalla Camp to New Mallee Camp

Distance: 14.8 km

 Moderate (this is my assessment and totally subjective 😊)

Great South West Walk Map

Fantastic another short day….sadness my phone died last night so I have used a couple of other people’s photos but have noted the source.

As this was a short day and fairly uneventful, this is also the shortest blog thus far. I like to make notes about the day at night so I don’t forget, but unable to do this made it a bit harder to recall.

Again today we pass a cafe at the cape Nelson lighthouse and intend to stop for another meal. Still have only seen four other hikers who were only doing a few sections – just hoping that the cafe is open given it is New Year’s Day. And nope, neither Frank nor I stayed up to welcome in the New Year. We are 1 day out from finishing and looking forward to ending and hitting KFC in Portland.

The path took us right along the coastline which had some dramatic scenery.

Photo source

The Isabella cafe was very upmarket indeed and it was funny trying to brush the flies off us and scoot through the door before they could follow us. I was conscious that I smelt bad, but it didn’t stop me from enjoying a fantastic meal.

The place was really busy – busier than I imagined it would be. The waiting and front of house staff did really well to keep turning the tables over. We could also charge our phones which was great. 

From here we were only 20 mins from the campsite and by the time we left the cafe it was only about 3pm, so will have a good few hours to chill out at New Mallee – called New Mallee as it was shifted about 2kms due to the noise of the wind farm construction (according to the sign).

This campsite has tent platforms which took some tent manoeuvring to set up.

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