GSWW – Day 9 Lake Monibeong to Swan Lake

Distance: 16.5 km

 Moderate to Hard (this is my assessment and totally subjective 😊)

Great South West Walk Map

Last night at Lake Monibeong there was a fantastic lightening show but surprisingly not much rain. Hoping there was enough rain to dampen the sand.

Another day on the beach! 

The hardest part of writing a blog is keeping it all upbeat when you don’t feel upbeat. Today was really hard. The sand was soft and 16.5 km doesn’t sound far but crikey it seemed to go on for ever!

Today was a ‘trudging to make it to camp’ day. The blister under the ball of my foot aches with every step. Throughout the day I can feel it fill with puss then empty, then fill again – an endless cycle. So I used a cotton swab to cover it then wrapped duct tape around it to try and keep the sand out of it.

Trying to feel excited about the day but it isn’t really working. I was studying the map to see how much more of this walk includes beach and yep, there is more to come….but at the end of the day right now, you just have to strap on your shoes, pick up your backpack and start walking, leaving future problems up to future Serena. 

When starting to feel overwhelmed by it all I figured out today, that for me the best thing to do was to narrow my focus – looking at the micro not the macro and to stop a moment and focus on how beautiful nature is. 

This hiking thing really is a mental challenge! I know I’ve read about it but not really fully experienced it till now. 

I was struggling with walking on the soft sand today so it was taking us longer than projected to reach camp – which does nothing for morale.

One of the most welcomed sights were people on the beach. This was only the second group of people we’ve seen in the last two days and it has been an indication that there is a carpark or Campsite nearby.

And yep it was all of the above. We took 5 at the juncture, however I needed 10, so Frank went on ahead to camp.

As I walked to camp there were dune buggies everywhere and I could see various countries flags flying so wondered if there were competitions or something. I was hoping they might have food vans so could buy a hotdog – ah but no, nothing of the sort was available.

Apparently they were all part of clubs that gathered here over Christmas with about half of them having left that morning due to rain.

As I walked in I looked and felt shattered! So much so as I passed the dune buggy camp (which was massive) a young lady and older gentlemen ran over to me handed me a cold bottle of water and said they were my greeting party and that the walkers camp was not far away now and if I needed to dump any rubbish just to use their green bins – I couldn’t help but smile and felt the tension of the day slip away…kindness and thoughtfulness is such good medicine for any ailment 😊

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