Appalachian Trail Gear List

No matter how many lists or video blogs  I saw of gear for the Appalachian Trail, I gained something from all of them. I never really found any indication of cost in Australian dollars for thru hiker kits, so have added prices all in $AUD, note though that these prices do not include postage.

I had to buy all my gear from scratch as my existing camping gear was just too heavy and was not bought for thru hiking.

So I thought I would list everything I am taking, along with weights and costs. Gear lists are always fluid, a work in process cause the more we learn the more we adapt. I also believe in adding up the weight of every single item including snaplock bags. After a few days you will notice any addition or subtraction to your overall backpacking weight no matter how small or large.

Updaate 15 February 2017

After the Great South West Walk I came back and adjusted some of my gear. I also found what worked for me and what didn’t. So here is a list of the changes to my gear list:

      1. Aeros Premium Pillow: There were several things that didn’t work for me. The pillow just wasn’t high enough as a side sleeper, the flatness of the surface didn’t work in the end, it wasn’t long enough for me, I toss a bit at night and it began deflating. Because of the other issues I had with the pillow I didn’t send it back for warranty assessment or fixing instead I invested in the Sea to Summit Aeros Ultralight pillow large size. The large size of this pillow was lighter than the regular sized premium pillow, cheaper and well worth the money. The ultralight version is fantastic and is everything I could want in a pillow.
      2. Cuban Fiber Rain Kilt: Over the Great South West Walk it was spitting and raining randomly quite a bit and I found having to take my pack off all the time to put my rain jacket on and kilt a total drama! Never noticed going out on weekends, but boy did I notice day after day. In the end I bought a cheap emergency poncho which was great. So as soon as I got back home I went and bought the Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Waterproof Tarp, Shelter, Pack Cover and Poncho. The poncho is quite large and flapped about in the wind and from the reviews not for everyone, but I am quite tall and I have modified the poncho with sticky dots so I can easily cinch it. Works brilliantly for me and the kilt will be left at home.
      3. Poly Pro thermal top and pants just aren’t going to be warm enough at night time. When I wore them at 1155m in spring I had to put on extra clothing and I was still cold besides, and I just know that I am going to feel the temperature difference between Victoria’s summer and Americas Spring. So in the end I bought slightly heavier XTM Merino Wool Thermal Top and Pants. I also decided to bite the bullet and get the Zpacks Goose down socks and Hood.
      4. Carbon fiber tent stake from Zpacks were great until I had to put them into the hard Australian ground. When I did, the tips came out of most of them and they shattered. So have had to buy the Sea to Summit ground Control Tent Pegs – twice as heavy but $10 cheaper and necessary.
      5. Odds and Ends 
        1. Duct tape is a great idea…but heavy and there are better products. I used it to repair my tent and bind my blistered foot…however I have proper tent repair material which is lighter and athletes tape works better.
        2. Chamois…did not work for me for more than a weekend. Over a longer period this was not happening. The main reason is I couldn’t always fully dry it and even if I did, stored in a plastic bag in the heat, it became moist and terribly smelly. Therefore I have invested in a Sea to Summit Drylite Medium Towel which has far better anti bacterial properties and dries better.
      6. Other clothing that didn’t work:
        1. Classic Axis Full Length Tights ticked all the boxes, however while on a longer trek, there were boxes that I didn’t know existed which these pants didn’t tick. Therefore I have gotten some zip off pants made because the one I’ve seen just aren’t everything I want.
        2. Crop top wasn’t that comfortable when you have bigger boobs and didn’t dry out that well and I didn’t like the one boob that formed. So have bought a bra that does up at the front. Having a bra that does up at the back isn’t any good as the clips dig into my back when wearing the backpack.
        3. Bug out gaiters these are great at keeping out debris, however, they felt uncomfortable around my right leg after a few days so I am going to get my tailor to make me some so they fit exactly how I want them to.
        4. Baseball cap is made from a heavy material and again, it was great for a couple of days but over a longer period day in day out it made my head really hot and uncomfortable. This was another item that was shelved once I got back home and I bought the Sunday Afternoon Sun Guide Cap which is so much better –  especially for Australian summers….love the neck guard and the ability to take it off.
        5. Amuri Cloud – Women’s Barefoot Sandal which were okay and for the price may have taken them with me on the AT…However I lost one of them in the Grampians and I am not paying $70+ for flip flops again. So I made my own camp shoes which are fantastic, they are everything I want a camp shoe to be and should last the distance – besides they are under half the weight!

Hope this helps you 😊

Items in my pack – Total 7021 g

Item Supplier Weight $ AUD
Arc Blast 55 ltr backpack Zpacks  640 g $488.88 
Duplex tent Zpacks   716 g $828.00 
Sea to Summit Ground Control tent pegs
x 10
 Snowys 143 g $37.70 
 Neo Air Xlite sleeping pad Wild Earth   342 g $349.50
 Down sleeping bag Zpacks   623 g $614.13
Sea to Summit Aeros Ultralight pillow – Large Wild Earth 80 g $39.50
 Black Diamond Revolt Headlamp Snowy s   115 g $84.90
 Titan titanium kettle Find Sport   142 g $117.89
 Backpacker stove Kathmandu   50 g $83.99
 Universal canister stand Wild Earth   34 g $32.90
 Titanium spoon Zpacks   8 g $13.72
 Platypus 1 ltr x 4 Snowys   140 g $55.60
 Berikade Expedition Wild Ideas   1100 g $521.12
 Cathole trowel Qiwiz   12 g $54.37
Challenger ultralight rain jacket – 2 way zipper Zpacks   179 g $408.00
Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Waterproof Tarp, Shelter, Pack Cover and Poncho Wild Earth   60 g $80.66
 Buzzguard lite trail Socks x2 Kathmandu 100 g $48.98
XTM Merino Wool Thermal Top Plus Snow   260 g $15.00
XTM Merino Wool Thermal Pant Plus Snow  297 g $15.00
Zpacks Goose Down Socks Zpacks    57 g $15.00
Zpacks Goose Down Hood Zpacks    40 g $15.00
Headsox x 1 Headsox  35 g $39.90
Homemade Jandals/thongs Home crafted 72 g $4
Knickers x 2 Kmart 67 g $8.00
Fly Hat Gift  26g
Sea to Summit Drylite Medium Towel Wimmera Outdoors 104 g $45.00
 Hairbrush, Tweezers, Hair ties, Wet Wipes, Tooth paste, Toothbrush, Floss, Hand soap, Wet wipes, Toilet paper, stuff sack Personal bits & pieces 361 g
 Lighter, cloth, Gas canister, Aquatabs, medium stuff sack, pegs, wire, whistle, matches Personal bits & pieces 308 g ;
 First Aid kit: snaplock bag, Bandage, Plasters, Gauze swab, Needle, Athletes tape, Sterilized needles, Nail file, Sunscreen Personal bits & pieces 175g
 Medication Personal bits & pieces 370 g
 Electrical Equipment: Korjo USA power point adapter, Apple wall charger, Apple earphones, Battery charger, Phone charger cord Personal bits & pieces 338g
 Outdoor designs stretch wool gloves Personal bits & pieces 58 g $18.50

Items I’m wearing

Item Supplier Weight $ AUD
 Black Diamond trail trekking poles Snowys   489 g $129.90
 Sunday Afternoon Sun Guide Cap Wild Earth   61 g $44.50
Pangsoon women’slong-sleeved travel shirt Kathmandu  150 g $40.00
 Buzzguard lite trail socks x 1 Kathmandu  50 g $24.49
Front Close Comfort Flex Bra Studio Europe   124 g $50.96
Tailor made zip off pants Tailor made 234 g $69.95
Knickers x 1 Kmart  50 g $4.00


  1. When you see the prices in Aussie dollars it really brings to home just how expensive hiking gear is for us Aussies. Interesting gear list and good luck with your journey!


    1. Yep it certainly is…I will also post a mid-hike and post hike list as I can see over the coming month it will have changed a bit – unfortunately not with big costly items…thanks for reading my list. Only two more stops before exiting Georgia now 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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