Shelter – Zpacks Duplex Tent

Right up front I have to say I love this tent!

The Duplex tent is part of my ‘Big Three’. The total weight of my Big Three:  1.784 kg or 3.93 pounds. This weight includes dry bags or stuff sacks each item is packed in.

Advertised Weight: 640 g
Actual Weight: 716 g
Cost: $828.00 AUD
Retailer: ZPacks
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • the advertised weight of the tent I calculated based on what I wanted so I may not have calculated everything accurately and
  • the actual weight includes the Zpacks medium dry bag, 10 pack Zpacks Cuban fiber stakes and Cuban fiber stake stuff sack.
  • i am using my trekking poles to set up the tent so there are no tent poles

Your tent makes up part of the ‘Big Three’ that you will be carrying all the time. So choosing the right three combinations is important for an enjoyable hike – especially I imagine for a thru hike.

These three items will be the heaviest items:

  • backpack
  • sleeping system (sleeping bag, mattress, pillow)
  • shelter (including stakes and stuff sack)

If you can keep the combined weight under 4 kilos by replacing them with lighter weight alternatives, you can quickly reduce your backpacking gear weight. Section Hiker gives a really good breakdown of the Big Three.

A tent is a major purchase, there is so much to consider: single wall vs double wall, free standing or not, vestibule importance, 3 or 4 season, durability and of course cost.

Ordering  from overseas adds another layer. If I needed to return it or something didn’t work out, I would have to foot the bill for return postage, try and contact a business whose opening hours are in the dead of night (northern hemisphere time zone).

I always try and buy locally first, so in my quest for the perfect tent for me I looked at several lightweight options available in Australia  including; the Terra Nova and Hilleberg, which frankly was a lot of money to pay for products I wasn’t completely happy with.

After watching Hiker Trash’s video I realised there was a whole other side to lightweight hiking gear. Hiker Trash advocates for the Lightheart tent but then I came across the Zpacks Duplex Tent.

So I had narrowed my search to the Lightheart and Duplex. They both looked great with the Lightheart being half the cost of the Duplex – which had me sold for a while.

Then I took a step back and my decision came down to two factors: weight and durability. As you will see from my UK trip, weight for me is the number one issue.

All those grams add up, and it is surprising how many ‘necessities’ you throw in your pack. So keeping the weight down on your big three is vital. This is also why I bought the Zpacks cuben fiber stakes, which worked brilliantly.


So once I moved away from cost, the Zpacks Duplex Tent was a clear winner for me. I got the camo as the camo is less see through than the other Cuban fibre materials – which added a bit of weight. This is the video that helped me decided on the camo.

The approx overall packed dimensions are: 45 cm x 15 cm x 7 cm


This tent works well in windy weather, I will update once I use it in the rain. All in all, I am extremely happy with my purchase and highly recommend this product.


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